Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Wonderful Journey

The journey that I have under taken for the past nine weeks has opened up a new world of Web 2.0 applications. I had heard of You-Tube, Wiki and Podcasts, but had no real knowledge of how they could be used in our library system.

A special thanks to the Web Exploration Team for giving staff an opportunity to explore these emerging technologies.

You Tube

You Tube has been used by the library system to bring current events to our web site, such as the recent Hagen Ranch Road Branch Grand Opening.


I had a wonderful time exploring my favorite radio station, NPR. I listened to snippets of NPR podcasts.

Audiobooks :Overdrive

Charming Your Way to the Top
Hollywood’s Premier P.R. Executive Shows You How to Get Ahead

Michael Levine
Lloyd James

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Learn how to succeed by turning on the charm.
Charm is good business. It can increase your income, boost your status, and establish and maintain your reputation. It can mean the difference, in many cases, between success and bankruptcy.
Most businesspeople don't fully understand the concept of charm. It ought to be a reflex, a conditioned response, to "turn on the charm" when dealing with customers, clients, associates, and employees—but it isn't. Yet, research has proven the value of charm, and it's been made clear through opinion polls, scientific studies, and just plain old real life. It's true in politics. It's rare to hear Bill Clinton mentioned, for instance, without a comment following on his charm. And it's certainly true in entertainment, a whole industry based on the moneymaking potential of charm.
This is true for the small businessperson as well. Charm draws customers, whether to a garage, a dry cleaner's, or an investment bank. Charm gets noticed. When a customer contacts a firm for the first time, charm can seal the deal. But charm is only partly innate. Much of it is learned, from your parents, from your friends, and from people like author Michael Levine, who has made a lifelong point of paying attention to charm. And you can learn how to make it work for you. How to succeed in business without really trying? By charming your way to the top.
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Web 2.0 Awards

I choose Pandora as the best Web 2.0. I love music and Pandora allows you to create your own radio station and listen to the music you like.

Zoho Writer

Web based applications such as Zoho Writer allow persons to have access to WP without having to purchase expensive software. Our mobile work places are well suited for web based applications.


The PBCLS Wiki provides a creative environment that staff can use to express their personalities by selecting favorite vacations sites, books and movies.